Thursday, January 12, 2006

Computers vs. Horses

Annie the Wife

My wife Annie is a very good rider. She loves her horses, spends lots of time reading about and trying training methods, and in general has a great rapport with them. But horseback riding is inherently dangerous, and sure enough one day (not too long before this photo was taken -- she's cute, ain't she?) she got thrown when Milagro spooked at whatever invisible things horses spook at. It hurt her back pretty badly for a month or so, and we were lucky it wasn't any worse.

Anyway, now when she asks what it is that's so great about computers, I respond that when my computer goes haywire it has 0% chance of killing me. I don't get kicked by computers, I don't get bitten by computers, and no one I know has ever been stomped to death by computers.

That, my friends, is user-friendly.


Denise said...

Those comments are true, but a computer will never nuzzle your neck, take you to a place where you can find solitary peace nor will a computer ever allow you to gallop like the wind. Although, unlike children, a computer will never ask you for the car keys, lock you away in a retirement home or tell you their new look includes piercing their tongue, ear, eyebrow, lip, tongue and other unmentionable places!

Jeff Hebert said...

Hey, my computer has a disk piercing and it looks very cool. And be thankful you've never seen me nuzzle my monitor after getting an epic weapon drop in World of Warcraft.

Trust me, it ain't pretty.

The Cow Whisperer said...

The mere fact that I have read this far proves that as a cowboy....I'm a "has-been."