Saturday, January 21, 2006


Today my wife went out for a ride with a bunch of other people on a real Texas ranch. She hooked up the gooseneck, loaded the horses, trailered down there, unloaded, rode, ate a hearty lunch amid the wild frontier, trotted back, loaded up and came home.

I stayed inside, watched basketball on TV, played a little World of Warcraft, made a pasta salad (!), did some laundry, ran the Roomba, and napped.

The Man Store called this evening and informed me I'll need to turn in my testicles in the morning.


Denise said...

Let's see if you're in trouble here -- Do you feel an overwhelming desire to watch "Beaches" or "Roadtrip, the Unrated Version?" Instead of watching the game, screaming about the ref and scratching said testicles, are you flipping over to HGTV and admiring the drapery treatments and do you know the colors of the paint swatches before Doug tells the audience? If, while sitting on the couch watching basketball, are you belching, farting and picking the lint out of your navel or are you painting your toenails? Just for good measure, to ensure your testerone level is high, you need to go outside, belch and spit, come back inside, plop down in the Barcolounger in your underwear, watch ESPN ad nauseum and then, before you go to bed, admire yourself in the mirror while you flex your muscles.

Anonymous said...

All that means is that I have the BEST husband in all the world and that I am one lucky Cowgirl. Of course what he didn't say was that he was the one who taught me how to hook up the trailer. He also didn't tease me while I was laying on the ground sreaming and cussing at the trailer hitch trying to get it off the ground. He just said, "cussing helps that hitch come up faster." That ended up being true!!

Jill Phenix Avila said...

You forgot to add that she had to load my pony and that is no small job.. Oh and we rode in the morning then drank some cowgirl whiskey and then rode again. It was much more relaxing the second go around. With all that said, we miss you anytime we are out riding and just remember that we can't fix something to eat if our lives depended on it. Okay Annie can make a darn good egg salad or tuna salad sandwich but we still need you Jeffrey!! You are a manly man and we all know it. There is no need to do macho stuff all the time. You need time off since you are so macho the rest of the time. So with that said, thanks for being you and remember that you are the only male in the house that is still intact!! Martha would say that it’s a good thing! ;)

The Cow Whisperer said...

As the OWNER of said real working cattle ranch, I want you to know that I've got a few spare sets I can loan you.

Just wipe off the tobacco spit, and they're ready to go.