Friday, January 20, 2006

Country Etiquette: The Wave

One of the first things people notice when driving in the country is that drivers wave at each other. The theory, I think, is that all of the people living in that area know each other, and since the guy coming the other way is probably a neighbor it's just polite to give a wave. In the city the odds of you knowing someone passing you in a car are about zero, so no wave is required.

With that in mind, here is your guide to proper waving technique while driving in the country.

The One-Finger

To be given if you don't really recognize the other person, or if you know and dislike them. Proper technique is to keep your hand on the steering wheel and lift just your index finger as the car approaches.

The Multi-Finger

If you know the person and feel generally kindly towards them without liking them overly much, you can use more than one finger to wave. The palm of the hand remains in contact with the wheel. Most commonly two fingers are used, since any more and you look a little "brokeback" hanging on to the wheel with just your thumb and pinky.

The Full Hand

For someone you both recognize and like, nothing less than a full wave will do. Lift your hand completely off the steering wheel and raise it high enough to clearly see from the approaching vehicle. Now don't get carried away and waggle your hand back and forth like you're on a parade float or anything, you're not askin' to marry the other guy, just say howdy.

"The Finger"

If the other person doesn't wave back at all, even though you took the effort to at least lift a finger, then you respond with this one-fingered salute of a different kind. Wait until they pass you to make sure they did not return your greeting, then keep "the finger" below the level of the dashboard. After all there might be someone else coming up along behind them that'd catch an accidental fingering, and no one wants that.


Jill Phenix Avila said...

note to self.. "do not take pictures facing into the sun"

Nice manicure Jeffrey.. =)

Jeff Hebert said...

Come on now, I had to take that while I was driving to work AND driving WITHOUT killing anyone, I think that's pretty good!

John said...

I'll be even more impressed if you tell us that you were on your phone, sans earpiece, driving and snapping these photos at the same time. Shoot, then you can come drive in Atlanta like a PRO.

Denise said...

The only acceptable way to drive in Houson is the one-finger driving method. And not the finger you're using. And not hidden behind the steering wheel!

Jill Phenix Avila said...

Okay since you didn't kill anyone this time I will give you credit!

Rox said...

Your inspection sticker is expired. Though mine has been expired for a year. I don't have much room to talk. But I do appear perceptive, now. Luckily. Thankfully.

Rox said...

Apparently I'm not as perceptive as I thought, as I failed to notice this blog post was January 2006, and not January 2007. So you are within the law, and I am sadly unperceptive.