Friday, January 27, 2006

Food or Bait?

Photo courtesy of Emily Johnson
We went to eat at a sushi/hibachi restaurant at work today. It's one of those places where they cook the meal on a grill at your table, and the chef (seen here) puts on a little show for you.

The whole time, I kept thinking "If they tried to serve sushi in the little town where I live, half the people would try to put it on a hook and use it as bait."


Jeff Hebert said...

A cut and paste of our IM chat after this lunch:

A: Work just seems so lackluster after seeing your food set on fire at lunch

Jeff: Maybe to recapture the magic, you could set Jay's desk on fire.

A: rofl

Jeff: And toss cutlery about as if you were a samurai. Coworkers love a good cutlery-flinging.

A: For some reason the thought of setting Jay's desk on fire is sooooo funny
I can't stop laughing

Jill Phenix Avila said...

Yum Sushi Zushi!!! good bait.. good eats too...

TexasAnnie said...

They are not allowed to even sell fish at the Burnet HEB. I think it is against the law in this county as it turns you into a Commie if you eat it or anything but red meat and potatoes

annie'sbuddie said...

What not even catfish at HEB?!? That's the primary non-red meat staple in Montgomery County. Of course usually not purchased at HEB but caught on a trotline in some pond or creek. And only prepared as a delicacy heavily breaded & deep fried with hush puppies & french fries. Can you say artery slammer?

On the other hand we scored big with the locals when we told them about spending a Saturday afternoon driving around looking for road kill to pick up to use as "negative" training items for our search & recovery dog. Now everybody wants to bring us stuff.

They probably think sushi is one of those walking catfish road kill.

Denise said...

I can't help but remember John Belushi on Saturday Night Live --- Samurai Chef! That just came to mine here!

I dated a guy once who was riding behind a car that hit a deer. He had Nick with him at the time, and they immediately got out, picked up that deer and that guy made sausage out of that deer. True Louisiana story.

Gotta love those coon asses!

Jeff's Neighbor said...

Jeff: When I go fishing on our 110, you can eat while I fish!