Thursday, January 12, 2006

Essential BubbaNerd Tech 1: Sirius

If you're a nerd who's going to move to the country, that probably means you're going to have a commute. Or that you're going to be so far in the middle of BFE that you can only get three radio stations, all of which suck. To feel like you're not completely losing touch with civilization, there's only one solution: Satellite Radio.

Thanks to my wonderful wife Annie, for Christmas I got a new Sirius radio installed in the truck. This, trust me, is an essential tool in your new country lifestyle. For some few minutes a day while you drive back and forth you can listen to more than a hundred different stations, many of which contain music from countries your new neighbors have probably never heard of.

When you get tired of farm reports, fishing forecasts, and "Truck and Tractor Pull" promos, Sirius or XM will be there to gently guide you back into nerd nirvana. Trust me, this is a must-have BubbaGeek accessory. No need to thank me, just send checks.


Jill Phenix Avila said...

It is nice to not have to listen to Austin stations all the way from BFE to the Blanco/Bexar county line... not that I am not a UT fan or anything, I mean I did hook 'em one time, one day this year. Any who.. I drove from the Alamo City to L town (Lubbock) and back and not once did I lose the station I was listening to. I love Sat Radio!!

Denise said...

Are those radios expensive and are they hard to put in? Where did you get it?

Jeff Hebert said...

I think you can get them for about $200 or so, but then there's a $12 a month subscription fee. It's basically like cable TV but on your radio, same kind of deal. It cost about $30 to have it installed, but Rick could easily do it himself -- it's not hard, I was just in a rush and had to work, so I paid the mechanics across the street from the office to do it for me.