Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Driving Miss Trashy

Now that's a truck!

You probably don't think much about taking out the trash. A few steps to the curb once or twice a week and you're done, right city slicker? Out in the country it's a little different -- I have to load the trash cans up in my truck and drive them to the end of the road. Yes, I take my trash out for a spin every week.

We'll come back to that in a bit, but first I wanted to mention our friend Jeanette, who sadly passed away a few weeks ago at a very young age. Jeanette worked for the Post Office, and she was convinced that someone was deliberately sabotaging her car, a two-door Mustang. The driver's side door panel was dented up pretty badly, almost like it was hit with a hammer over and over.

Jeanette suspected one of her angry co-workers (hey, this is the Post Office, it could happen!) so she went so far as to install a video camera system in a friend's car across the parking lot, situated where it had her vehicle in view at all times. For weeks she meticulously recorded her car in the lot, sure she'd catch the culprit red-handed. After weeks of failing to garner any video evidence of the perpetrator, she finally gave up reluctantly.

A few days later her husband, Daniel, was home earlier than usual, on what happened to be trash day. He watched Jeanette cruise up the driveway, one arm out of the window holding the trash can and dragging it behind her while it was ... bouncing merrily along ... smashing repeatedly into the driver's side door ... while Jeanette sang loudly with the radio, oblivious to the noise.

Mystery solved, and one more reason that trucks are good things.


Jill Phenix Avila said...

what is a blog without talking trash? I loved the story about Jeanette btw. I didn't know her well but I can picture her driving down the road with the trash can beating up her car.

Denise said...

Chris just came home with something he found on the curb. Remember that video rocking chair you had, Jeff, back in your apartment, the one you sit in to play video games? It's got a couple of rips in it and Chris excitedly said he already washed it off and he's going to use duct tape to fix the rips and it will look "Awesome!" I just looked at him and (thanks, Jill) and said, "You are such a goober." Seemed to fit!

TexasAnnie said...

Oh no, Denise! not that ugly black chair! I hated that thing.

TexasAnnie said...

Oh my gosh I actually posted something. Since I hate technology and it hates me I was just dinking around and the next thing I know I have posted something!!
But I did hate that chair!

Denise said...

Yep, that ugly black chair! It must be a "guy thing" to like a chair that has no legs, is ugly and can be repaired with duct tape or black electrical. Go figure! Chris thought he'd found gold in the trash. Sigh. One of these Christmases, I'm going to give my kids a metal shopping cart and a box of shopping bags. They'd be happy! And you did great posting something! I actually created a Blogger identity for myself. Hey Jeff, do they give out super capes for bloggers with secret identities? Just wondering if I can get one like Wonder Woman, along with a magic lasso and a chest like hers!