Monday, January 16, 2006

Greatest. Jewelry Name. Ever.

So I'm looking through this company's web catalog for body jewelry to buy for our business, when I come across a heading that I think is the Greatest Jewelry Name Ever:

Gothic Bananas

I bet that's also what they call call normal bananas after they go completely black and sit apart from the other fruit, resenting them.


Denise said...

I went into one of the off-the-wall shops in Houston one time. I will not describe the places on the human body that people have pierced. And, to add insult to injury, they sell jewelry for said body areas. It'll make your toes curl up, let me tell ya. Shudder.... shudder....

I know I've been a frequent responder on your blog site, Jeff, but school starts for me tomorrow, so I will be up to my eyeballs in Adolescent Psychology, Educational Technology, Culture of Urban Schools and Feature Writing, so I won't be taking up all the "comment" space. But I will continue to visit your site on a daily basis because your writing is just lovely and always entertaining, even about the regular, day-to-day activities of a city boy living the country life!

Jeff Hebert said...

No problem Denise, good luck with school tomorrow. Remember Dad running through our rooms on the first day of school screaming "School Days, School Days!!" Oy.

And thanks for the comments, it's been nice having you!

Denise said...

Oh My God! I'd forgotten about that! He used to sing it all the time, didn't he! It must be in the genes, because my boys said they can't watch "Singing in the Rain" because I sang "Good Mornin'" to them every day to get them up. They said they want to kill Debbie Reynolds, even to this day!!

Great memory, Jeff. He did do that, didn't he!

Can I still post stuff??